Management and other Reporting

Management and other Reporting

Budget Analysis

  • Budget analysis helps companies, governments and nonprofit groups organize their finances. At our firm, Budget Analysts, with international expertise, evaluate your budget proposals, help you to see if money is being spent productively, and recommend increases or decreases in funding based on their findings. A budget truly gives a business owner or manager a way to plan out the year’s operation, think about what’s most important, and quantify what the business should achieve over the year.

Cost Calculations

  • cost estimate is an opinion regarding what a product, project, or program will cost. A cost estimate is based on the best available information on the current date, and so may vary as additional information is obtained over time. The only thing worse that having to pay expenses each month is not knowing how much you are going to have to write the check for. There are many ways to estimate costs, and each one is a different blend of difficulty and accuracy. With knowing some of these basic methods may help you to choose the right one for your business. With a sound base in costing, we can study your business and help you to estimate business costs accurately, which in turn would benefit you to plan for the future and see trouble on the horizon.

Cash-flow Projections

  • Cash flow measures the net amount of monetary assets coming into and going out of a business over a set period of time. It shows the financial health of a business by showing how much liquid cash a business has on hand. Cash flow is a complex concept that puzzles many small business This cycle of cash inflows and outflows determines your business solvency. Poor management of cash flow causes 82% of business failures. Our firm makes a study of your business goals and business practices to arrive at projected cash flow to give you broad picture to optimize your scarce cash and maximize profitability.

Goal setting, Monitoring and Reporting

  • Goal setting is the process of deciding what you want to accomplish and devising a plan to achieve those desired results. For entrepreneurs, goal setting is an important part of business There is a 3 R’s approach of maintaining the goals – Review, Reevaluate and Recommit. When a company sets goals, it makes its priorities clear for everyone involved in the organization. Consistent business monitoring and reporting is a necessity for many companies. This helps determine management insight, identify problems, highlight opportunities, transparency within the organization.